Cubity features

Get the tools and workflow you need to spend more time growing your business and improving customer experience.

Marketing done right

We provide a comprehensive method to monitor and actively promote your business. We're aware that different customers have different needs, therefore you'll be able to segment and target your marketing campaigns with demographic and personality constraints, delivering tailored campaigns via email or text messages.

Analytics & Statistics

Our statistics platform provides a wealth of information, with real-time customer data and insight, secure and available at any time. We're able to gather user demographics such as age, gender, location, social data, length of internet use, total amount of users and data usage along with all sorts of aggregated reports. This deep level of analysis will enable to better segment and target your marketing messages and offer you the possibility to better understand who your customers are.

Social WiFi

We offer multiple authentication methods, and everyone that logs onto your network can be asked to 'Like' or follow you, in return for access. They won't have to, but we've found that most of your customers will end up liking your page, making you appear on social feeds and providing a real opportunity to increase your social presence.

Legal & Security compliance

Businesses which offer free WiFi to their customers are at risk and ideally should provide a separate and secure system for guest WiFi. We not only secure the login process but also separate your corporate network from the guest network, thus providing a private network. There are also various obligations when offering WiFi free of charge to your customers, which may vary slightly from country to country across the globe, we take care of those so you can focus on your business.

Content filtering

We understand the needs of your business. So, access to inappropriate websites can be blocked and managed by us, transforming your network into a family-friendly network.
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