Cubity legal & security

Make your WiFi legally compliant while offering your customers a secure browsing experience.

Data retention

The Data Retention Regulations 2009 assists in the detection and prevention of organized crime and terrorism. It's important for your business to retain certain data information or communication data that your customers accessed while using the WiFi you provide. Cubity stores the data for the EC Directive on our secure servers to make sure you won't have to worry.

Data protection

If your business is currently providing free WiFi you need to be aware of the obligations that fall under the Data Protection Act 1998. Whenever personal data is collected or processed about individuals, you need to be registered at the Informations Commissioners Office. While using Cubity, you won't have to worry about it as we're registered already.

Illegal online activity

Using Cubity you'll be able to prove that you're taking the necessary steps to prevent copyright infringement, as users have to register and accept the terms and conditions which cover appropiate use of your network. Our content filtering system also blocks inappropriate websites and websites that support illegal activities.
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