Cubity analytics

We help you better understand your clients and offer insights to you and your IT team.

Network statistics

Statistics about the usage of your network can tell a lot about your customers and their behaviour. Such as at what hours they visit your premise, what are their browsing behaviours, what they like doing and their personality traits. We don't ignore the opportunity to help you better understand your customers through these analysis methods, therefore we offer you a multitude of options when visualizing network data, from viewing the general network usage to individualized device information.

Personal & demographics data

Seeing people with multiple devices isn't unusual. Even though they're two different devices, Cubity is able to link them and even show you when two clients share a device. Therefore you'll be able to optimize your marketing campaigns. This device data is not to be ignored, information such as the device used (smartphone, laptop or tablet) offer valuable information we use in our aggregated persona reports and personality data.
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