Cubity marketing

Identify, segment and influence your audience by creating tailor-made campaigns that increase customer engagement and loyalty

Coupons & fidelization

You can send promotional content to your customers even after they have left your premise, you can send them coupons on their birthday and reward their fidelity accordingly. That being said we facillitate communication with your customers using our marketing tools integrated into Cubity.

Email marketing

Using our email composing tools you'll be able to maintain a close relationship with your clients and boost fidelity and customer engagement. Segmenting and targetting your clients and sending customized emails for each category of users is possible thanks to our market segmentation tools. You can send emails with media, images, YouTube videos and custom design.

SMS marketing

Keep your customers engaged and informed. Using our SMS marketing tools you'll be able to notify your clients when you're organizing an event or offering a discount for birthdays or holidays. We collaborate with telecom companies and we're able to make your brand name's appear as the sender of the text message even if they don't have the phone number in their contact list.

Customized splash page

We provide the tools and methods to customize and improve your brand awareness by promoting your business on the splash page the users see when connecting to the network. You can also modify the redirect page they land on after logging in, and control every aspect of the user's experience.
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