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Flexible premise analytics for the 21st century

Cubity's implementation can quickly adapt to any hardware or IT needs you may require due to the extensible and modular nature of our software solution. Our implementation is built to be easily integrated with other systems and platforms. This means you can easily integrate it with your CRM system, internal analytics or proprietary statistics platform.

An explanation of Cubity’s location-based analytics

Showing how your customers shop
When a user connects to WiFi on your premise, Cubity measures how long your customers stay and how often they return.
Capturing and recording data
Using our plug-and-play Wi-Fi infrastructure, we record data associated with the location of each customer, cryptographically ensuring that the customer’s privacy is protected.
Analysing collected data
After collection, our purpose-build algorithms analyse the data in order to extract key indicators and statistics. This allows you to clearly visualise a summary of your customers’ activities over an arbitrary time period.
Human-readable reports
Our web-based dashboard and scheduled email reports make it easy and convenient to measure and optimize your business.

High quality hardware

We use beautifully designed, high quality hardware capable of 450Mbps speeds and links of up to 180m (600ft), FCC & RoHS certified so you can focus on growing your business. Our engine also allows your business to abide to FP7 for data protection and privacy in Europe.

Truly scalable

We have always adapted to the needs of our customers, we're scalable to 100's of devices while maintaining a single unified management system per premise. So no matter how large the premise you're willing to monitor is, we're going to be the right choice.

Seamless roaming

Never worry about your clients having to connect to another network as they walk from an access point to another. Our system automatically transfers users between access points, without disconnecting or disturbing your customers' experience.

High-density performant

Wireless client devices in high-density areas experience significant interference. Using multi-lane RF technology we're able to accomodate a large number of clients connected at the same time on multiple access points.

Outdoor capability

We're able to deploy systems that withstand harsh weather conditions including wind, rain and snow. The waterproof, heavy duty case design deployed will be appropriate for any business needs you may have.

Great support

We're aware that each customer has different requirements, therefore, we have support teams available at all times. We can help you build and optimize your current network in order to get the most out of your internet connection and Cubity analytics.
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