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Make your customers happier and more engaged while growing your business with advertising

Monitor, engage, influence and grow

WiFi advertising and monitoring tools, integrations and security helps you and your business take a proactive approach to growth and loyalty.


Automate, streamline, target and segment your marketing campaigns and promote your business with our comprehensive WiFi Marketing tools.


Real-time customer data and insight, secure and available at any time with deep level of analysis will enable you to better understand who your customers are.


We secure and make sure that your network abides to the obligations your business has when offering WiFi free of charge to your customers.

Centralized dashboard

  • Network overview
    Under a single page you can view all your network information, profile data and current users. Monitor your entire activity from a single, centralized view.
  • Aggregated statistics
    You can now view the male/female ratio, most used devices and much more using our aggregated statistics dashboard in order to better understand who your customers are.
  • Online users
    You'll be able to see your current online users, this, combined with our marketing tools opens up new opportunities to better improve your customer experience.

Segmented and targeted marketing

  • Email marketing
    You can send direct emails to your customers, send them HTML emails, with media and rich text. You can now make sure your loyal customers won't miss any event from now on.
  • SMS marketing
    Sending text messages to your customers with offers and promo codes will make sure your customers stay happy and engaged while you focus on growing your business.
  • Targeting your campaigns
    All the marketing methods are now even more accurate and efficient by targetting and segmenting your campaigns. You can tailor each campaign to each type of customer you have.

Individual profiles

  • Profile views & personality data
    Under a unified now you can now see all the user's data, using that data you can further segment and target your marketing campaigns.
  • Profile devices
    Multiple users on your network sharing a device? A user that has a tablet and a phone? You'll be able view all this data.
  • Geolocation heatmap
    You'll be able to see the user's preferred areas on your premise, or if you have multiple locations, on the map.
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